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Organic agave syrup 250 ml

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Also known as agave nectar, agave syrup is a sweetener. Coming from agave, it possesses a lower glycemic index than sugar and a less viscous texture than honey. Its taste is refined and sweeter.


Agave syrup*.

* : products from organic farming.




Terre Exotique


The discovery of a pepper plantation in Penja, a small village in Cameroon is the origin of Terre Exotique.

This is after cultivating this great pepper for 4 years that the Terre Exotique collection was born, as the result of a determination to select the exquisite flavors of high quality.

Shelf life information

Store in a dry place, away from light and heat.


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Very sweetening, it can be consumed in cold beverages as well as hot ones since it dissolves faster than honey, even at low temperature. It is ideal for your patisseries and cakes. It will also be very useful for deglazing your vegetables in meat for your salty dishes.