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Tonka bean is the fruit of a tree: Teak, from Latin America. The nose reveals scents of natural peach pit on a sweet vanilla note. In the kitchen, Tonka bean provides both powerful, hot and sweet aromas of almond with hints of vanilla and caramel. As such, the natural flavors of this little bean will replace the almond extract used in desserts. Tonka bean is to be used grated, such as nutmeg. 


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Importer of spices and peppers, Sarabar research in areas of production, the best spices in the world. Once selected, they are immediately sent to France by plane to be conditioned. This allows to offer peppers and spices as fresh as possible, but also of precise origin.


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This sublime bean native of Venezuela likes the desserts and the company of chocolate, coffee, vanilla, coconut, anise, melon, cherries, honey, oranges, rhubarb and apricot. It is used in the preparation of desserts to perfume custard, creme brulee or cakes. It can also be used with salty dishes, for example on an ice-cold soup of tomatoes, mashed potatoed or in cheese-topped dish, sauces accompanying the veal, fried liver, fishes, seafoods, trout or guinea fowl.
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