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Water holes, forested lands, sandstone cliffs, coastline beaches of the Northern Territory of Australia, all offer a rich source of food and medicine used by Aborigines for tenth of thousands of years: This is what is called the « Bush Tucker ».

This is in Alice Springs, headquarter of the Aborigines community, that this surprising mix of citrus myrtle, anise, Tasmanian mountain pepper and other herbs and spices was born!


Rice flour, citrus myrtle, Tasmanian mountain pepper, anise seeds, nutmeg, lemon peel, salt, garlic, black pepper, paprika, celery, rosemary, powder sugar.


Australia, Australia


Terre Exotique


The discovery of a pepper plantation in Penja, a small village in Cameroon is the origin of Terre Exotique.

This is after cultivating this great pepper for 4 years that the Terre Exotique collection was born, as the result of a determination to select the exquisite flavors of high quality.


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As a marinade on your meat and fish, vegetable kebab…It will not only change the way to grill, but also your day by day cooking. Explore the Australian flavors in your rice, pastas…or even pizza!

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