Cauliflower pickles with turmeric- Golden Jubilée  - Les 3 Chouettes

Cauliflower pickles with turmeric- Golden Jubilée 210 g

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Les 3 chouettes (The Three Owls) have three long-term commitments: vegetables that are organic, local (all are harvested less than 250km from Paris) and full of taste.

These Golden Jubilee pickles associate the fullness and crunchiness of cauliflower with the warm and peppery savour of turmeric..


Cauliflower* (42,9 %), water, alcohol vinegar*, cane sugar*, salt, turmeric* (0,10 %).

*Ingredients from organic farming.


Paris, France


Les 3 Chouettes


Shelf life information

Once opened, preserve your pickles in the refrigerator and consume within a month.

cook with talent

You can consume these pickles as is during the aperitif, sprinkle them on a fresh cheese toast or add them to a salad; they can be savoured in any form.