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Burgundian mustard seeds 250 g

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The mustard seeds have been known since the Antiquity. They have been used in medicinal decoctions, in the kitchen or in a spice blend very early. Nowadays they are mostly used in France to produce mustard. However, the majority of these seeds originate from Canada, which now produces almost 90% of the world's mustard seeds. Less profitable and more inconvenient than other crops, French producers ended up neglecting them little by little over the past few decades. With this in mind, the Edmond Fallot mustard manufactory aims to promote the remaining small producers by offering high-quality and 100% Burgundian mustard seeds.

Round, small with a colour veering towards black, these mustard seeds can be integrated into a preparation. They can also be crushed to make mustard or an Indian spice blend.


Mustard seeds originating from France (100%).

Allergens : mustard.


Burgundy, France





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Along with vinegar, mustard seeds are indispensable for making homemade mustard. You can grind the seeds to make an Indian spice blend, necessary for preparing curry. They can also be used whole to perfume pickles or gherkins.

When it comes to your daily life, you can sprinkle your mixed salads, sauces or stews with them. You can also use them as topping to adorn your miscellaneous dishes.