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Wild Wakame 50 g

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These delicious wild wakame algae are an excellent side dish to your meals. They can be used with kanisu vinegar for the making of wonderful miso fish and soups. It will be great with golden sesame oil and some roasted sesame seeds.


Wakamé undaria pinnatifida (100%).


Hokkaïdo, Japan


Association Esan


The Esan association used to give away sea products directly to consumers. The algae used to be considered as being a high quality product that only the shogunats (the Japanese military government) could consume. Nowadays, more and more people are looking for this exceptional product. In order to get an optimum quality, these algae are harvested during 3 consecutive seasons, from spring to autumn, then they are washed, dried and exposed to the sun.


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cook with talent

Rehydrate the wild wakame algae in a bowl of water for 8 to 10 minutes. Dip-dry them and cut them in small pieces.