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Algues Kombu spaghetti 30 g

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These Kombu spaghetti dried algae are an excellent base for your dish. They can be used along with sauces (season them with soy sauce"Yuzu ponzu" and grated ginger, or rice vinegar and red shiso, or even rice vinegar and sudachi juice, or Japanese plum vinegar nature or with honey, etc.) for your salads, woks, or use them as a coating to fry food.


ma-kombu algae (saccharina japonica) (100%).


Hokkaïdo, Japan


Association Esan


The Esan association used to give away sea products directly to consumers. The algae used to be considered as being a high quality product that only the shogunats (the Japanese military government) could consume. Nowadays, more and more people are looking for this exceptional product. In order to get an optimum quality, these algae are harvested during 3 consecutive seasons, from spring to autumn, then they are washed, dried and exposed to the sun.


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cook with talent

Put the dried algae Kombu spaguetti sômen Kombu in cool or lukewarm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse them and drip-dry them. You will find all the flavors offered by the sea product to be really enjoyable and crunchy in your mouth.