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Filets d'anchois marinés à l'huile d'olive 160 g

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Anchovy is a small, thin fish found a lot in the Mediterranean Sea. It was already very used to make garum in Ancient Rome. The anchovy's flesh is so fragile it is best to consume it quickly after fishing or prepare it in brine to preserve it.

Colimena's fillets of anchovy have been salted, then canned in olive oil. They have a very delicate taste that is ideal for flavouring your dishes.


Anchovy (53%) (engraulis encrasicolus), olive oil (40%), salt.

Allergen : Anchovy.


Puglia, Italy





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These fillets are quite salty, so a few fillets per person would be enough to enhance a dish. You can also desalinize them in a bowl of water before using them.