Organic Tonkatsu sauce - Sennari

Organic Tonkatsu sauce 175 ml

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This organic Tonkatsu sauce is artisanally prepared in Japan. It possesses a smooth texture and a taste that is between ketchup and Worcester sauce; it is in fact used that way in Japan. It will be a perfect companion to your grilled or breaded meat, but also to your chips.


Sugar*,water, rice vinegar*, soybean sauce*, tomato paste, onion*, apple vinegar*, carrot paste*, garlic paste*, ginger paste*, salt, corn starch, malt extract, spices.

* : Products from organic farming.

Allergens : soybean and wheat.


Hiroshima, Japan




Sennari is a Japanese craft company that specializes in the production of quality vinegars (rice, apple). It offers a range of vinegar products.

Shelf life information

Keep at room temperature. After opening, keep in the refrigerator.

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An indispensable sauce for accompanying a katsu - Japanese breaded chicken - or a pork cutlet.

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