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Calamansi lemon pulp Vinegar 25 cl

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A Kalamansi lemon pulp vinegar, citrus fruit from the Philippines, not very popular but whose broad array of flavors, with grapefruit and mandarin hint will offer you an gastronomic experience that will surprise you.

This Kalamansi lemon pulp vinegar from Libeluile is exquisite.


Kalamansi lemon pulp 42%, white vinegar 8° 41%, crystal sugar, pectine.


Bresse, France




Armelle, founder of the Libeluile, is passionated by cooking. And all of her love for this art can be found today in her colorful bottles of fruit pulp vinegar.

Her secret is the selection of exceptional raw products, giving a unique and strong, fruity taste.

The fruit pulp vinegar Libeluile will highlight your everyday dish with a flavor that is going to charm your taste buds.


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cook with talent

The kalamansi is a citrus fruit whose complex flavors will make it the perfect match for raw sardines filets, as a base in a marinade, or to bring its freshness and its perfumes to a pollock cooked in papilote. You can also use it to season your fruit salads.