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Balsamic Condiment - 20 years old - Eccellenza 100 ml

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Unlike the balsamic vinegar, balsamic condiment is made from 100% cooked grape must. It is infused with flavours of wood species due to the period of acidification which occurs after cooking grape must. Very soft and fruity, it has a long finish that is appreciated. The greatest enthusiasts will even taste it with a spoon!

The balsamic condiment Eccellenza has been aged for 20 years in precious wooden barrels (oak, chestnut, cherry). You will enjoy it on vegetables, smoked salmon, risottos, cheese s, dark chocolate, fruit or as a digestive at the end of the meal.


Grape must acetified.

Contains sulfites.


Modena, Italy




Shelf life information

Leonardi Balsamic Condiment, 20, Eccelenza


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Ideal with salads, vegetables, meat and fish, cheese s, fruit and ice cream.

Store in a dry place and protected from light.