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Coffret Dégustation - huiles des chefs 3 x 25 cl

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It is in the Peloponnese and with committed olive growers that Kalios selects the best olives to make a prime quality oil. All of the olives are harvested by hand and originate from a same native variety; the Koroneiki.Depending on their maturity stage during harvesting, they bring oil different notes of degustation. That is why Kalios created this coffret - huiles des chefs (box - Oils of chefs), which groups three oil varieties sponsored by three great chefs. Each one of them originates from the same olive variety; the Koroneiki, which has been harvested at three maturity stages.

This box contains:

Caractère 01 (Character 01), selected by the double starred chef Christophe Aribert, it is produced from green olives harvested early in the season. It offers intense aromas accompanied by peppery notes.

Équilibre 02 (Balance 02), selected by the chef Éric Guerin. It is produced from green and violet olives harvested in mid-season. It sets itself apart from other oils by a slightly fruity note and a beautiful long-lasting taste in the mouth.

Douceur 03 (Softness 03), selected by Amandine Chaignot, executive chef of 5-star kitchens. This olive oil, produced from violet olives harvested later in the season, brings lightness and finesse in the mouth.


Koroneiki olives manually harvested in Greece.






In the heights of Neochori-Ithomi, nestled in the mountains for more than seven generations, the Chantzios family olive groves, some over 300 years old, were planted on limestone terrain. The olives, picked and sorted by hand, are grown from a single varietal – Koroneiki – known for its ability to adapt to warmer temperatures, [and the occupant of 50 to 60% of the olive groves in its country of origin]. The Koroneiki is best suited for the production of olive oil, while the Kalamata varietal, is intended for the production of olives to be consumed at the table.

As the Chantzios family had not wished to sell their olive oil, the olive grove has never been used for mass production. The groves are not chemically treated or processed, and no fertilizer has touched its soil. The only fertilizer used is produced by goats and sheep that tend to the fields.

Kalios oil is thus produced through artisanal and sustainable agricultural processes, but its strength lies in its acidity: the lower the acidity, the better the quality of the oil.

A fruity taste with hints of fresh grass, and a complete lack of bitterness, makes Kalios an exceptional product in its class.

Restaurants such as Mandarin Oriental, Thoumieux, Rostang, Gagnaire, 39 V, Colliot, La Cantine du Troquet were immediately impressed by the quality of Kalios products and have adopted them.

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Keep away from light, store in a cool, dry place.


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The Caractère 01 Kalios oil is ideal for accompanying your salads and steamed vegetables.

The Equilibre 01 Kalios oil brings a touch of subtlety to your fresh pastas, grilled fish and marinades.

The Douceur 03 Kalios oil is a perfect companion to cooked vegetables, homemade purees and white fish.

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