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Aperitif box - La Belle-Iloise 1 case

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This assortment of aperitif cans pays tribute to fishermen who work hand in hand with La Belle Iloise cannery. This allows for the guarantee of high-quality products with a unique taste.

This box contains:

Crumbled Zanzibar tuna with plums and spices. This tin offers aromas of plums and other ripe fruits only present in tajines.

Pollock rillettes with Szechuan peppercorn. Szechuan peppercorn belongs to the citrus family. That is why it brings slightly acidulous lemon flavoured notes and blends so well with fish.

Crumbled sardines with aubergines, garlic and basil. This preparation blends the sardine's flesh with the aubergine's sweetness. The whole is then seasoned with fruity olive oil that enhances the harmonious and Mediterranean character of this recipe.

Salmon cream with tarragon. This blend is a unique marriage between the salmon's flesh and the fresh tarragon notes. A delight to serve on toasts or blinis.


Crumbled Zanzibar tuna with plums and spices: white tuna (44,5 %), extra-virgin olive oil, onions (14,2 %), water, cider vinegar, plums (3,75%), walnut oil, manioc starch, grilled onions (0,75%), natural tomato aroma, aromatic plants, salt, spices (celery, mustard)(0,2%).Allergens: celery, mustard.

Pollock rillettes with Szechuan berries: pollock fillets (54%), water, extra-virgin olive oil, onions, egg yolk, mustard (water, mustard seeds, alcohol vinegar, salt, anti-oxygen: sodium bisulphites, acidifier: citric acid), manioc starch, lemon juice and zest, smoked and grilled onions, spice, yeast extract, aromatics, Szechuan peppercorn (0,09%).Allergens: eggs, mustard, sulphites.

Crumbled sardines with aubergines, garlic and basil: sardine fillets (40,8%), extra-virgin olive oil, grilled aubergines (13,2%), onions, lemon juice, basil (2,9%), red peppers, semi-dried tomatoes, garlic (1,3%), manioc starch, salt, aromatic plants, spices.

Salmon cream with tarragon: Pacific pink salmon fillets (48%), water, colza oil, extra-virgin olive oil, lemon juice, tarragon (0,3%), tomato concentrate, manioc starch, grilled and smoked onions, chicory root fibre, yeast extract, aromatic plant, spices, algae.


Brittany, France


La Belle-Iloise


Located near the fishing port of Quiberon, once one of the biggest sardine ports in France, La Belle-Iloise House was founded in 1932 by Georges Hilliet. 80 years have passed and the founder's family continues to offer fans what is best in the field of canned fish.

Therefore, the cannery uses only raw materials of first choice, hand prepared in accordance with the traditions to preserve the flavor of the fish.

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