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Nocellara del Belice black olives 314 g

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These black olives in brine will surprise you with their crunchy peel and their generous pulp. Their spicy and slightly bitter notes will enhance your aperitifs.

Antipasti to be savoured between friends, but also a must-have ingredient for each of your dishes.

The olives are picked by hand, and the brine allows them to preserve all their flavour.


Olives, water, salt, lactic acid, ascorbic acid.


Sicily, Italy




Centonze is first and foremost a family that cultivates with passion and love olives since 1953. The variety of olive used, the Nocellara del Belice is a protected designation of origin (PDO) and is cultivated in accordance with the methods of organic farming. Between October and November, it is the best of these olives that are harvested by hand and then pressed within 12 hours of harvest.


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