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Organic pork rillettes with root vegetables 90 g

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If healthy is not what comes first to your mind when you think about rillettes, this product might have you change your mind. Indeed, its recipes based on organic root vegetables simply allied with traditional rillettes for a result closer to nature.


Pork meat* (shoulder, picnic ham, fat) 84%, parsnip* 5%, carrot* 4%, yellow carrot* 4%, celeriac* 3%, Guérande salt*, white pepper*.

* ingredients coming from organic farming.


Brittany, France


Le Mottay Gourmand


Coming from the Haut Anjou region, the traditional recipe of the smooth rillettes of the Mottay Gourmand is carefully prepared: cooked for 18 hours, the organic pork meat is then crumbled by hand. After a strict selection, Mister and Misses Martin, founder of the brand, kept 5 original flavors made with certified organic ingredients. The pigs are raised outdoors, or on hay, and are fed with tricitale, barley, corn and soy. Alcohol, spices, fruits and vegetables are also organic and carefully selected.


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