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Matcha Tea for pastries 30 g

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The people working at Evergreen keep a very close eye, days after days, on the growth of green tea leaves, in order to pick them at the very best time. These fresh leaves are then steam roasted to avoid their oxydations... and reveal their whole culinary power. Only the nicest leaves of green tea are used for the making of the matcha tea.

The leaves are spray-dried. This system of dehydration is fast and preserves all the quality of the matcha tea, as well as its natural color.

The matcha tea for pastry cooking Evergreen will keep its taste and color after being cooked.


matcha tea 100%.


Chūbu, Japan




In Japan, green tea from the Shizuoka region is as famous as the Mount Fuji. Founded in Kakegawa, Evergrenn works with passion and dedication for the production of an exceptional green tea, good for body and mind alike of the one who drinks it. For Evergreen, health and green tea are deeply linked: thiamine, vitamin C, catechin and fibers are part of the health benefits of green tea, consumed without moderation for 1200 years by Japanese people.


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