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Mackerel fillets in olive oil 115 g

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Located in the north-west of Spain, Galicia has a more than 1000km-long littoral rocked the ocean's waves. As a result, it is an ideal region for fishing, and it is historically associated with sea products. Calle el Tato offers you a selection of cans marrying quality and design in order to enjoy tapas the Spanish way.

This can of mackerel fillets, canned by hand, will make you discover a fish steeped in olive oil, giving it more taste and a particularly tender texture.


Mackerels, olive oil, salt.


Galicia, Spain


Calle el Tato


El Tato offers numerous products from the Iberian gastronomy.

Shelf life information

Keep in a dry place before opening. After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume quickly.


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