Liqueur n°2 - Hystérie - H.Theoria

Liqueur n°2 - Hystérie 50 cl

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Hystérie (Hysteria) is the second liqueur made by Marlène et Camille. It is a blend that is explosive and full of savours.

With this liqueur, they inspire you to enjoy the present and take a gustatory journey through a multitude of flowers, berries and spices thanks to its dazzling and floral bouquet. The perfumed caresses of fruits and exotism give way to an explosion of flavours between acidity and piquant.


Alcohol: (25.2% vol).

Excessing drinking is bad for your health, consume with moderation.


Ile-de-France, France





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cook with talent

The Hystérie (Hysteria) liqueur can be used for making recipes for exotic blood sausage with kaki and a hint of tarragon.

In a cocktail, it can be mixed with sparkling water with a few edible flowers as accompaniment it or associated with vodka and cranberry juice.