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Gingerbread breadcrumbs 250 g

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Maison Mulot & Petitjean's gingerbread breadcrumbs are made from powdered gingerbread.

Thanks to the numerous spices contained in this preparation, the breadcrumbs are both gourmet and flavoured. It is a great way to sublime a pan-fried foie gras.


Wheat flour, honey, invert sugar syrup, egg yolks, baking powder (sodium carbonate, ammonium carbonates), natural orange aroma, natural lemon aroma, natural anise aroma.

Allergens : gluten, eggs. May contain traces of almonds.


Burgundy, France


Mulot & Petitjean



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This gingerbread breadcrumb is ideal for breading a foie gras or replacing traditional breadcrumbs. It can also be sprinkled on a dessert, a tiramisu, or even a white cheese.