Gingerbread biscuit- les glacés minces of Dijon - Mulot & Petitjean

Gingerbread biscuit- les glacés minces of Dijon 150 g

4,13 € / 100 g

Off season. Will be back at the year's end.


The Glacés minces of Dijon are gingerbread in the form of a biscuit. Firmer than a traditional gingerbread, this biscuit is perfect for patisserie. They can be used to make a charlotte or a tiramisu. Both light and gourmet, the glacé mince can also be consumed as is as an afternoon snack or with a cup of coffee.


Wheat flour, honey (27%), invert sugar syrup, sugar, baking powder (sodium carbonate, amonium carbonates), egg yolks, natural lemon aroma, natural anise aroma.

Allergens : gluten, eggs. May contain traces of almonds.


Burgundy, France


Mulot & Petitjean