Flavoured Rum - Mango and Passion fruit - Les Rhums de Ced'

Flavoured Rum - Mango and Passion fruit 70 cl

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This Mango and Passion fruit Flavoured Rum is prepared with fresh fruit, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and cane juice rum from Martinique. It makes a great pre-dinner drink as well as a liqueur, and may be served either chilled or at room temperature.


Cane juice rum from Martinique, mango, passion fruit, sugarcane syrup, Bourbon vanilla.


Loire-Atlantique, France


Les Rhums de Ced'


Les Rhums de Ced’ are home-made and produced with respect for the quality of the raw ingredients used.

The blends of fresh fruit, picked at a specific degree of maturity, of Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and of cane juice rum from Martinique, create a first choice, well-balanced, variety of flavoured rums in which each ingredient brings its burst of taste, and differs according to the maceration.

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Before savouring, shake the bottle to obtain a consistent blend and make the most of the flavours.

If you like your flavoured rum neat, add some cane juice rum to your drink.

For a pre-dinner drink, pour one measure of flavoured rum and 3 measures of champagne, sparkling or white wine.

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