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Thai sweet and sour sauce 220 ml

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This sweet and sour sauce ready to cook from the Blue Elephant house is perfect to beautify your exotic dishes in one step. If you like mixes"sweet and sour", sweet and sour sauce is for you


Water, pineapple syrup 16.7% (pineapple, water, sugar, citric acid (E330), ascorbic citric (E300)), sugar, tomato puree (tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, salt), onion 11.1% lemon juice (lemon juice, citric acid (E330) water for lemon) 8.8%, vinegar, tomato paste (tomato paste) 4.6%, soy sauce (soy bean, wheat, salt , water, sugar), soybean oil, 1.5% garlic, ginger 1.3%, salt, thickener (E415).


Bangkok, Thaïlande


Blue Elephant


Blue Elephant is a chain of high-end Thai restaurants. These restaurants can be found in Bangkok as well as in Paris and London. These last years, Blue Elephant has launched a collection of products of excellence to cook at home in order to allow everyone to taste the Thai gastronomy.

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