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Pesto with chickpeas and basil 180 g

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This Pesto with chickpeas and basil is nothing less than an Italian hummus. Prepared with chickpeas and organic basil, this pesto will be a must-have in your kitchen.


Chickpeas (64%)*, extra-virgin olive oil*, basil (3,4%)*, lemon juice*, sel.

* : products from organic farming.


Liguria, Italy


La Macina Ligure


La Macina Ligure was founded by a family of traditional farmers who, from generation to generation, have grown the typical plants of the Ligurian fields, including basil and olives. It is located in the Ligurian region where the famous Taggiasche olives grow.

All products come from organic farming and are certified by Bioagricert.


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Can be used as spread or condiment. You can prepare it with your meat and fish, but also all your pasta dishes.