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The Baldo rice, although unknown shall fast broaden its reputation due to its many variety of use.
It withstands any mode of cooking and is thus recommended not only for risottos, but also for timbale molds. As other crystalline rices, it can be also used in salad.


Riz Baldo 1 kg 100%


Piedmont, Italy


Gli Aironi


Vercellesi Farms area is well known as the heart of the European rice production. The family Perinotti lives amidst this landscape, among frogs and gray herons, cultivating rice for five generations. These farmers have made a rather unconventional choice:

  • by investing in quality: many chefs use the Gli Aironi rice
  • minimizing their impact on the environment: the crops are developed to minimize the environmental impact and comply with eco-friendly models governed by the rules of the EU No. 2078
  • rediscovering traditional varieties of rice for this purpose, Gli Aironi working with Slow Food to sustain the biodiversity of some rice, providing the necessary technical expertise

  • Production, meanwhile, combines the old method to new processes to deliver what is best. In fact, rice kernels are shelled by hand in the stone to keep all the nutrients. They are then sorted by color, purity and size, retaining only the best beans. Finally, the rice is vacuum packed to ensure optimum preservation.

    cook with talent

    How to cook risotto

    For 250 grams of rice :

    • Pour 50 grams of butter in a saucepan
    • Add an onion and a clove of garlic
    • Cook at low heat for one minute
    • Add the rice and stir until the grains are translucent
    • Add 300 ml of white wine and allow to simmer gently until the liquid is absorbed, never stop stirring
    • Pour 700 ml of vegetables bouillon in 3 times and allow to simmer gently until the liquid is absorbed, never stop stirring
    • Add grated parmesan and a dash of walnut oil at the last minute

    Variant : Cut an eggplant in small dices and add it to the risotto about 15 minutes before the end. The eggplant will melt and mix with the rice into one delicious dish.


    The rice can be preserved ideally if vacuum-packed since it doesn’t like humidity, it can be preserved up to three years if kept in a airtight container. Please notice that the rice tends to soak up the smell of its container and of the products it might come in contact with.