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Shellfish broth is both practical, simply immerse the sachet in simmering water, and tasty. This stock was conceived thanks to the combination of the chef Joël Robuchon and brand Ariake. This union has yielded very authentic preparations.

Crustaceans bouillon is rich in noble materials, contains only a few salt and almost no fat.

This product is the ideal element, for all culinary preparations: passing of the poaching fish, seafood and shellfish or base for cooking vegetables and starches.


Crustaceans : 53% (langoustine extract, shrimp), fish flesh, yeast extract, vegetables (tomato, onion), salt, sugar, wheat fibers, antioxidant : rich entocopherols extracts contains: crustaceans, wheat, fish. May contain traces of celery.


Normandie, France




Ariaké House was founded in 1966 in Japan, where it is now recognized for its culinary bases and broths without additives.

In 2001, Ariaké signs a partnership with chef Joël Robuchon, who gave birth to the range of juices and broths that we propose. Initially reserved for culinary professionals, the Ariaké range is now available to individuals.

This range is a real invitation to rediscover the true flavor of the broth, bases and natural juice.


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