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Sliced Artichokes 290 g

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Carefully selected and carefully cut, these seasonal artichokes retain their flavors thanks to the oil in which Emilio Oliveri has plunged them. A delicacy to be served as an appetizer, in the winter as well as in the summer.


artichokes, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, salt, vinegar.


Piedmont, Italy




Settled in the heart of Piemont, for the last three generations the Oliveri family has been dedicated to the art of preparing fine foods in harmony with local traditions and practices. All the products originating in the territory of Haut Montferrat have been destined for gourmet excellence, characterized by precise craftsmanship and the careful selection of the finest ingredients.

In fact, the majority of ingredients come directly from ancestral Oliveri fields, ensuring the close monitoring of production from beginning to end.

The Oliveri family methods ensure the convergence of experience and innovation as they are guided by both traditional methods and ground-breaking technologies. Such dynamism is necessary to develop the flavours so essential to these unique delicacies.

Today it is not only with consideration of taste but the finesse of presentation that Emilio Oliveri creates his line of products. Thus, mediating between quality, creativity, and functionality, Oliveri brings you a gourmet experience that is truly unforgettable.

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These Sliced Artichokes are excellent at the aperitif or as a side with cold starters. A drop of balsamic vinegar will emphasize these Sliced Artichokes.

Once opened, add a little of oil and keep in the fridge.