Semi-dried tomatoes - Paglione

Semi-dried tomatoes 180 g

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These semi-dried tomatoes are prepared using Perino tomatoes that are cut and directly dried under the sun on grills, with their skin on. They are then put in a jar full of extra-virgin olive oil accompanied by basil leaves.

These plain tomatoes are exceptionally melting and flavoured, demonstrating the quality of Paglione's handicraft.

Semi-dried tomatoes can be consumed as antipasti with burrata or grilled vegetables, in a salad, with pastas or even in a sandwich.


Tomato*, extra-virgin olive oil*, basil*, lemon juice*, salt.

* : products from organic farming.


Apulia, Italy




The story of Agricola Paglione is the story of a family. Every product has a story. It sums up the rural roots of the family and the experience that has been passed down through four generations. The fields of the Lucera countryside, between the Apennines of Tavoliere and Daunia, are grown organically in full respect of seasonality.


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