Extra virgin olive oil crisps - smoked paprika AOP (PDO) - San Nicasio

Extra virgin olive oil crisps - smoked paprika AOP (PDO) 150 g

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Artisanally prepared with extra virgin olive oil, certified AOC (PDO), and non-GMO Spanish potatoes, the San Nicasio crisps are considered to be the best crisps in the world. Discover their new flavour: smoked paprika certified AOP (PDO) from La Vera. These are crunchy crisps subtly blended with the spicy notes of paprika and will be perfect for a gustatory aperitif.

The San Nicasio crisps are fried using a unique system of continuous oil renewing, which makes possible the obtention of acrylamide-free crisps of exceptional quality.


potatoes, extra virgin olive oil (40%), paprika (0.8%), salt.




San Nicasio


Shelf life information

Store in a cool, dry place.


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These extra virgin olive oil crisps with smoked paprika are delicious with ham or seafood.