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Crocca in Bocca crackers - Parmesan 130 g

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Dalla Val's Crocca in Bocca crackers are produced with manually made salty puff paste. After a 20-hour long leavening phase, the paste is spread out with a roller and slowly baked on plaques in the oven in order to obtain an ideal crunchiness. In this recipe, Dalla Val adds a light dash of Italian extracted cold extra-virgin olive oil to grant them a golden colour and a light flavour as well as refined Parmiggiano Reggiano to give them a delicate yet pronounced flavour.


Italian soft wheat flour (O type), Parmiggiano Reggiano PDO, extra-virgin olive oil from Lake Garda PDO (6%), iodized salt from Veneto, beer yeast, malt extracte (buckwheat).


Veneto, Italy


Dalla Val



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Crackers with parmesan are perfect for an aperitif. Savour them with red wine or dry white wine as well as a bit of cheese and charcuterie. They are also a perfect companion to creams, mousses or tapenades. For sweet/salty enthusiasts, don't hesitate to add a note of honey on a cracker.