Chocolate truffles - Marc de Champagne - Collection Les Parisiennes - Mathez

Chocolate truffles - Marc de Champagne - Collection Les Parisiennes 200 g

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Check out the new oval boxes of truffles from Mathez and travel in the heart of Paris. These champagne truffles gather sweetness of chocolate and chill champagne for a very festive recipe originals full of flavours. To taste, of course, with a glass of champagne or after a meal with tea or coffee.

Product sensitive to heat Store in a cool dry place, 15 17 °.


vegetable fats (coconut, palm kernel oil), sugar, fat cocoa powder 13.4%, whey powder, Marc de Champagne 5%, cocoa powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin. adventitious presence of dried nuts, sesame, egg and gluten.


Maine et Loire, France




Mathez developped a very unique expertise in the production of chocolate truffles since 1934 and especially.

This expertise is recognized worldwide since Mathez House is present in more than 40 countries. Since 2009, Mathez is working with Fair Trade cocoa.

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