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Cheese biscuit (Manchego) 130 g

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Fancy mellow biscuits by Paul & Pippa for the aperitif?In this Manchego biscuit recipe, there are only good things. This biscuit is crunchy during the tasting and its melting properties reveal the so often unknown savour of Manchego.

With this family-sized package, you will have enough biscuits to satisfy at least four people during a completely natural and tasty aperitif.


whole wheat flour (gluten), butter (milk), Manchego cheese 24% (milk), cane sugar, extra-virgin olive oil 4%, eggs, salt, yeast, sunflower lecithin, lemon juice. Colouring-free, preservative-free, palm oil-free.


Catalonia, Spain


Paul & Pippa


Who the hell wants to eat fat, colourings, sweeteners and artificial flavours? Neither Paul nor Pippa, neither you, that's why Paul & Pippa has prepared homemade biscuits that are not only very good but also healthy and 100% natural. Prepared with olive oil, yeast, organic spelled flour from natural ingredients and the Paul & Pippa products are guaranteed without preservatives or dyes.

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