Carrot pickles with ginger and turmeric - Orange Karma - Les 3 Chouettes

Carrot pickles with ginger and turmeric - Orange Karma 210 g

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Les 3 chouettes (The Three Owls) have three long-term commitments: vegetables that are organic, local (all are harvested less than 250km from Paris) and full of taste.

These Orange Karma pickles associate the crunchiness and sweetness of carrots — all cut in thin slices by hand — with the peppery and spicy aspect of turmeric and ginger.


Carrot* (43%), water, alcohol vinegar*, cane sugar*, salt, ginger*, turmeric*.

* Ingredients from organic farming.


Paris, France


Les 3 Chouettes


Shelf life information

Once opened, preserve your pickles in the refrigerator and consume within a month.

cook with talent

You can consume these pickles as is during the aperitif, sprinkle them on a fresh cheese toast or put them in a burger, a sandwich or a salad; they can be savoured in any form.