Carrot meze with sesame, lemon and cumin - Carotte Nouba - Les 3 Chouettes

Carrot meze with sesame, lemon and cumin - Carotte Nouba 100 g

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Les 3 chouettes (The Three Owls) have three long-term commitments: vegetables that are organic, local (all are harvested less than 250km from Paris) and full of taste.

This Carotte Nouba (Nouba Carrot) meze is made from fresh carrots, to which Les 3 Chouettes added sesame puree for more smoothness and a note of lemon, garlic and cumin that enhance the preparation's taste.


carrot* (73%), sesame puree* (13%), lemon juice* (6,5%), olive oil*, water, salt, garlic*, cumin* (0,4%).

* Ingredients from organic farming.

Allergen: sesame puree.


Paris, France


Les 3 Chouettes


Shelf life information

Once opened, preserve your meze in the refrigerator and consume within a month.


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cook with talent

This meze is perfect for a coloured aperitif; you can soak raw vegetables or breadstick in it, or you can spread it on small slices of toasted bread.