Block of goose foie gras 200g - Edouard Artzner

Block of goose foie gras 200g 200 g

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Each of them requires the same attention from the passionate Edouard Artzner ‘s chefs. Balance between nobility of ingredients, spices and good mix of unparalleled expertise.


Goose liver, water, salt, sugar, spices.


Alsace, France


Edouard Artzner


From the royal courts of the nineteenth century to the tables of gourmets of our time, one name is on everyone's lips when talking about the true Alsatian foie gras: Edouard Artzner.

Heir to a tradition initiated by Jean-Pierre Clause, who created the foie gras in Strasbourg in 1780, the House Edouard Artzner continues to this day gastronomic flagship.

His chefs apply the same recipe for over two centuries, from selection of raw material to the care taken at each stage of their preparation, voluntarily maintained craft. All foie gras are hand-sorted before being de-veined cold to be free from any imperfection. They are then seasoned with a jealously kept secret mixture of 14 spices that gives them a unique and inimitable flavor.


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Keep the goose foie gras in the refrigerator for 24 hours before tasting. Put the packaging under hot water to ease the removing from it and for the slicing, use a knife that you put in hot water after every slice.


To be tasted at its fair value, the foie gras requires the papilla to be sensitive, so we advise you to eat foie gras at the beginning of meals.

For an optimal tasting, lay the slice of foie gras on a cold plate and add a bit of fleur de sel and ground Sichuan pepper on the side of the plate. A spoonful of fig jam or dices of Gewurztraminer jelly, will perfume wonderfully your duck foie gras.

Goose foie gras goes well with a Alsace white wine like a pinot gris or a Gewurztraminer.


Preserved foie gras is sterilized. This way, it can be kept several years to ambiant temperature. After opening, foie gras can be kept 3 days in the refrigerator, wrapped up in cellophane tape.

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