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For the Dominicans, rum Barcelo Imperial, aged and developed in the Dominican Republic, is the ideal rum to offer since the 1980s It reveals scents of spices and toffee, and notes of vanilla, fruit and leather to the palate.


Alcohol: 38% vol.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health.. Drink responsibly.


Dominican Republic




The history of rum Barcelo began in 1930 following the Julian Barcelo dream. Born in Majorca, he left Spain to the Dominican Republic where he founded in 1930 Barcelo & Co in the city of Santo Domingo. It thus became one of the largest distillers of the island, and his heirs continue in the same direction.

to develop export, Barcelo turns to the country of origin of the family, Spain, and finally create a joint venture with the largest Spanish distributor of spirits. Europe will thus be able to discover Barcelo rum!

Operating with the carefully fermented cane juice, 4 ultra modern stills of the company Barcelo column are equipped with a device that eliminates the heaviest alcoholates, which explains the finesse of brandies made from it. Aging is performed only in bourbon barrels from Kentucky, and for a minimum duration of 14 months. But the characteristic style of Barcelo rum relies heavily on the assembly of various types of eau-de-vie expertise based on decades of experience.

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