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Sudachi juice 100 ml

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This Sudachi juice (citrus jnuos) is made with fruits from the Wakayama Province, particularly famous for the quality of its citrus fruits.

To make things even better, the juice of Ito Neon is warranted to be without food coloring, without additives, and without preservatives.

The Sudachi juice is traditionally used to make cocktails and desserts; (it goes very well with vodka, gin and rum). It is also used as marinade to liven up your grilled meat and grilled fish meals.


Sudachi (100% citrus sudachi) without food coloring, additives or preservatives.


Wakayama, Japan


Ito Noen


Since 1987, the citrus fruits orchards of the Ito farm, in the heart of the Wakayama province, delights the finest Japanese taste buds.

Cultivated in terraces on fields oriented towards the South, and with the help of a 100% natural fertilizer, taking advantage of a maximum of sunlight, which advantages their delicious and flavorful characters. Without food coloring, additives, or preservatives, the Japanese citrus fruits juices- yuzu, mikan, amanatsu, sudachi, daidai and citron – are directly made of juices freshly hand-squeezed , which gives them an aroma with intense flavor and absolute freshness .

cook with talent

Bring a touch of originality to your Margarita by replacing lime juice by sudachi juice.