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Candied ginger shortbread 150 g

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The transmission of recipes from a generation to the next finally reached the founder of the Shortbread House of Edinburgh, and these recipes provide these shortbread biscuits with an exceptional flavor. Their texture, both light and crunchy, has made this House famous.

This version is perfect for people fond of ginger.


wheat flour, butter, sugar, candied ginger (with sugar) (6%), rice flour, vegetable oil, ginger powder, salt. Include flour, gluten, milk. Produced in a factory using nuts. Keep in a dry and cool place.




Shortbread House of Edinburgh


Shortbread House of Edinburgh offers a delicious assortment of biscuits. Their recipes are transmitted from one generation to the next, and give an exceptional flavor to these shortbread biscuits. The light and crispy texture of these goods have brought a well-deserved fame to the Shortbread House of Edinburgh .


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