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Jardin Bleu Iced Tea- cristal sachets 6 sachets

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This Jardin Bleu iced tea (Blue Garden) is most certainly one of the most delectable iced teas from Dammann Frères. Made with a black tea base and flavoured with rhubarb and strawberry notes, this blend exudes scents reminiscent of orchard fruits. During the degustation, the rhubarb is the first to come in the mouth and gradually fades to make room for the strawberry.

A fresh and natural beverage and rich in taste, at that.


Black tea, aromas (rhubarb, wild strawberry, strawberry), flower petals.

Box containing 6 cristal sachets.




Dammann Frères


Shelf life information

To be stored at room temperature and protected from light and humidity.


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cook with talent

Ideal preparation for iced tea, one sachet is enough to prepare 1,5L of beverage for yourself or the whole family.

Guideline: Put one sachet in 1,5L of mineral water. Keep in the refrigerator for a night (about 7 to 8 hours). Then, your tea is ready to be consumed. Drink with or without ice cubes or sugar, according to your wishes. To be consumed within the 48h following its preparation.