Original gingerbread - Maison Toussaint

Original gingerbread 500 g

2,93 € / 100 g

Off season. Will be back at the year's end.


This gingerbread Original, is the main product of Toussaint factory.

The traditional master, Pascal Toussaint has developed his recipe to give it its flavor and tenderness. Far from traditional gingerbread, the Original is made as a real cake, oven-cooked in an wood mold, which is why it bears the name of "spices cake from Toussaint".

The strict selection of a perfumed honey and the balanced mix of spices will charm your taste buds. The Original will be delicious with your desserts, can be served as a treat with your cups of coffee or tea, and you delights kids for breakfast!

Smooth and deliciously spicy, the Original has been elected best Dijon gingerbread, and has got gold medal.


Honey, rye flour, eggs, butter, sugar, baking flour, spices, emulsifier (lactoglycerides, E477), raising powder (sodium carbonate, diphosphates), glucose syrup, milk powder, salt, lactoserum powder, ntural aromas. MAde in a workshopt where aggs, milk, sesame seeds, cereals and nuts are used.

Warranted to be without coloring agent and preservatives.


Burgundy, France


Maison Toussaint


Master Baker Pascal Toussaint succeeded developing an exceptional recipe of spiced cake by giving it its flavor and its smoothness. Toussaint Gigenbread was elected “Dijon Best Gingerbread” and got the gold medal in Dijon in 2008. Since that day, it was mentioned in the « Gault & Millau Magazine » and was referenced in 2013 in the Bottin Gourmand. The rigorous selection of a flavorful honey, and the balanced blending of the spices impart Toussaint products a smoothness taking our taste buds in an unforgettable ride. It will greatly go hand in hand with your desserts, be savored as a sweet treat with your coffee or tea, and it will be a breakfast delight for kids!

cook with talent

When served with cheese (Roquefort, Mont d'Or, Valençay, bleu d'Auvergne, Epoisses) the TOUSSAINT gingerbread becomes a real wonderful treat. It can also be a great addition to salads, or be eaten as a dessert on its own.

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