Olive oil from Apulia - Cold smoked - Muraglia

Olive oil from Apulia - Cold smoked 250 ml

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Produced in the region of Apulia, this olive oil created by Muraglia is an authentic speciality. It is artisanally elaborated from cold-smoked extra-virgin olive oil in a mill with natural wood in Apulia.

It first offers smoky and fruity notes, then a spicy and floral aftertaste. The rigour and craftsmanship during the harvest as well as during the whole production process make this Italian oil one of prime quality.

An artistic touch is brought to each bottle, which is also conceived to preserve the oil in the best conditions


Extra-virgin olive oil made from Peranzana olives (100%).


Apulia, Italy




Shelf life information

Keep away from light and heat.


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cook with talent

An excellent oil to use on bruschettas or tomatoes with mozzarella. We also recommend using this oil to enrich your meat, fish and roasted vegetables.