Nigari - Coagulant for tofu - Banrai

Nigari - Coagulant for tofu 5 ml

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Jun Nigari is a food supplement as well as a natural coagulant. It reacts to proteins present in milk, especially if the milk is rich in dry matters such as boisson végétale Banrai (Banrai vegetal beverage).

Nigari derives from Japanese, magnesium chloride, and means bitter. It is the ideal companion to your tofu preparations.


Magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride.






Shelf life information

Store at room temperature, do not put in the refrigerator.


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cook with talent

To make tofu: mix 125ml of boisson végétale au soja (Soybean vegetal beverage) with a dose of Nigari. Let your tofu steam by covering it for 10 minutes, or more depending on the desired texture. A few sesame seeds will make it more gourmet.