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Morels Special quality (dried) 30 g

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Morels are undoubtedly the most sought mushrooms after with truffles. Like the latter, the morels are rare and their taste is very refined making it a luxury mushroom.

These morels were harvested, sorted by hand and then their feet were removed to keep only the best, that is to say hats. Indeed, the “special” designation is given only to morels from which the foot was removed, its taste not being interesting.


Morilles séchées spéciales (Morchella Conica).




La Maison du Champignon


La Maison du Champignon is specialized in wild mushrooms that are gathered by pickers.

Once the mushrooms from the best origins are selected, they are handpicked and sized before being bagged in order to obtain a great quality.


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cook with talent

To rehydrate dried morels, soak them in a bowl filled with a mixture of water and warm milk for 30 minutes. Once the morels are rehydrated, put them aside. Filter the mixture of water and milk to eliminate any traces of sand or soil. This infusion of morels will serve as a basis to prepare your sauce.

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