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Wagyu beef Kobe style - picanha 1 kg

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Black Angus American is raised outdoors in the Great Plains in the United States. Its diet consists of herbs and cereals, is controlled and carefully selected in order to give the best possible taste the meat. It is a finely marbled meat and much appreciated.

Origin cutt from Brazil, the picanha is located in the upper part of the thigh. It looks like a big duck because it is a beautiful piece of meat covered with a soft layer of fat. It is this fat that will give, based on the heat of the grill, this characteristic taste if desired.

Ideal for 6 people, this piece of meat (boneless) is made to accompany your family barbecues.


Wagyu Beef Kobe style - Picanha 100%.




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Based on our experience, we have selected the exceptional meat usually reserved for top chefs. To guarantee availability, freshness and quality at every moment, we work with the best producers worldwide. And since the traceability of meat is essential to ensure a quality product, a chain is implemented to track each product from production to marketing. You will find on each of our exceptional meat, the right labels to identify the link between the product and the animal or group of animals from which it originates, the corresponding slaughterhouse and the workshop in which it was prepared.

Shelf life information

Once received, you have 5 days to enjoy your piece of Wagyu beef.

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Conservation Tips

When the meat was delivered to you, store it immediately in the refrigerator so as not to break the cold chain. To preserve its qualities, take out the Wagyu beef from the refrigerator 1 hour before consumption. Remove meat from its vacuum packaging and put it at room temperature to avoid the shock of too strong a temperature difference that might attack the flesh or harden it

The perfect cooking

the picanha is usually barbecued but it is possible to cook it on the stove. To do this, proceed as you would for a duck starting with the fat side over high heat. Then turn on each side until cooking suits you. Add salt and let stand a moment before carving. It is highly recommended to cook picanha fully before carving so as not to dry out the meat

An accompanying sauce

The purists serve this Wagyu meat without sauce to fully enjoy the vitality of its aromas. However, if you choose to serve your meat with sauce, we recommend the dealer wine sauce or Béarnaise sauce

Tasty affinities

steak has an assigned companion, potatoes, available in all ways: fried potatoes or straw potatoes, jacket potatoes, fries or potato gratin. On a lighter note, it can be served with grilled vegetables: zucchini and eggplant drizzled with olive oil and garlic, tomato Provencal, fresh beans steamed and decorated with parsley butter, vegetable wok spring .. .