Jijona Liquid Turrón - Coloma Garcia

Jijona Liquid Turrón 275 g

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The very best of the Jijona turron, prepared with 70% of marcona almonds (best almonds in Spain), in a nicely melted version, perfect for pastries and ice creams. This Turron has been rewarded with the Coq d'Or 2012, attributed by the gourmet guide, for its quality and originality.


Marcona almonds (70%), orange blossom honey (18%), sugar and egg white.


Valencia, Spain


Coloma Garcia



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This liquid turron can be used as a base for ice creams and pastries (sweets, macaroons, cake icing or coating, etc.). The small turron "revolution"comes from gastronomic restaurants now using this liquid version to bind sauces on meat, game or white fish dish. It is also very good with Foie Gras, cheese and other emulsions.