Hon Mirin Condiment - Sumiya Mirin

Hon Mirin Condiment 300 ml

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The Hon Mirin condiment is a kind of very sweet sake used nowadays almost exclusively as seasoning for Korean and Japanese cuisine.

It will give a new dimension to your dish and preparations.


sticky rice, rice koji, rice alcohol distilled shôchû (vol 43%).


Aichi, Japan


Sumiya Mirin


Product from the Mikawa region, in the southern part of the Aichi administrative district, this region has all the richness favorable to the production of this sweet rice wine: A temperate climat, a quality water and a sticking rice. This is thanks to this, as well as to a home process, that Sumiya Mirin gets a product 100% natural whose taste is unique .

cook with talent

Mixed with soy sauce, le Hon Mirin will let you make Teriyaki dish.

It can be mixed in salad seasonings.