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Guindillas Green Sweet Chili Peppers 345 g

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These Guindillas green sweet chili peppers from Ibarrako Langostinoak are sweet chili pepper brought back from America, as were the Espelette chili pepper, or the Navarre Piquillos. This variety is picked in the Spanish Basque country when the fruits are still green. These elongated shape chili peppers are between 5 and 12 centimeters, and their flesh is both tender and crunchy. 99% of them are not hot. They can be enjoyed in cocktail buffets, as olives would be, with olive oil and sea salt.


wine vinegar, guindillas sweet chili peppers, antioxidant : citric acid, ascorbic acid.


Basque Country, Spain


Ibarrako Langostinoak


Ibarrako Langostinoak is a family company located in the Spanish Basque Country. It was the first company to produce the famous "Guindillas de Ibarra", a small chili peppers AOC (controlled designation of origin), like the Piment d’Espelette. This chili pepper is particularly appreciated by Spanish people for its soft and flavorful taste. The whole growing and harvesting process is traditional, and offers a pepper of exceptional quality.


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To be enjoyed in cocktail buffets, as olives would be, with olive oil and sea salt, or with skipjack (germon tuna), anchovy or legumes (lentils). In Spain, it is the classic side dish of the alubias (red bean dish).