Giemon Sobas pastas - Naraya Soba

Giemon Sobas pastas 200 g

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These Giemon Sobas pastas, are made with buckwheat flour.

Light and flavorful, they are hand-made following a traditional process.

One 240g bag is enough for 2 to 3 people.


Buckwheat flour, wheat flour, yam flour (dioscorea japonica), salt.


Fukuoka, Japan


Naraya Soba


In 1947, Naraya Soba, located in Minami Aizu Aizucho, started the production of “Sobas”. Naraya pays an extreme attention to the selection of the best ingredients. The soba pastas are hand-made, following the traditional process. The Naraya Soba artisans transmit this tradition and the secrets of the making of this product from a generation to the next, in this region blessed by nature.

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These pastas are cooked in boiling water, as European pastas are cooked. They are generally eaten either in a bowl full of warm mentsuyu (broth), or rinse in cold water.