Extra-virgin olive oil from Apulia - Bottle with a painted Cactus - Muraglia

Extra-virgin olive oil from Apulia - Bottle with a painted Cactus 500 ml

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Produced in Apulia, Muraglia extra-virgin olive oil is made in the purest Italian tradition. Only Coratina olives are selected, then cold extracted by a mechanical process. The rigour and craftsmanship during the harvest as well as during the whole production process make this Italian oil one of prime quality.

Having a strong character, this oil is bound to surprise British palates thanks to its unmistakable bitterness, its magnificent long aftertaste and the piquant aspect it leaves in the mouth after the tasting.

An artistic touch is brought to each bottle. Conceived to preserve the oil in the best conditions, the bottle is made of ceramic and is adorned with a rainbow-coloured cactus.


Coratina olives (100%).


Apulia, Italy




Shelf life information

Keep away from light and heat.

cook with talent

This oil is perfect for baking Friselle. Originating from the Apulia region, this recipe resembles that of Bruschetta. Friselle are round and hard rolls due to their double cooking.After soaking them for about 10 seconds to soften them, cut them in slices. Add cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper, oregano and olive oil.