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Dried Caesar's mushrooms 50 g

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Caesar's mushroom is very rare and appreciated mushrooms.

It owes its name to what it could have been: a meal worthy of a Roman emperor. Its flesh is thick, firm and white. Caesar's mushrooms have an orange colour on their surface. They are to be consumed from head to foot and have a subtle hazelnut taste. They will sublime your omelettes and risottos.


Caesar's mushrooms (Amanita caesarea).




La Maison du Champignon


La Maison du Champignon is specialized in wild mushrooms that are gathered by pickers.

Once the mushrooms from the best origins are selected, they are handpicked and sized before being bagged in order to obtain a great quality.


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To rehydrate dried Caesar's mushrooms, soak them in a bowl full of lukewarm water for 30 minutes. Once they are rehydrated, put them aside. Filter your Caesar's mushroom infusion to eliminate the possible traces of sand and earth. This infusion will be the base of your sauce.

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