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Molecular Mojito Kit 1 unit

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Thanks to this Molecular Mojito Kit R-evolution, surprise your senses by reinventing your mojito in original ways: mint caviar, generous mousse, trap your cocktail in a sphere that will pop in your mouth...

This complete molecular mojito kit contains:

  • 4x 2g bags of sodium alginate (E401)
  • 4x 5g bags of calcium lactate (E327)
  • 2x 2g bags of soy lecithin (E322)
  • 2x pipettes
  • 1x straining spoon
  • 1x silicone cast
  • 1x booklet with 3 molecular mojito recipes


Quebec, Canada




Saveurs Molécule-R was founded in 2009 in Canada by two young entrepreneurs fond of good food and culinary innovation. The company’s goal is to give access to amateur cooks to a large array of products and applications from molecular gastronomy


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